Why you shouldn’t obsess about finding your passion.

Rather follow the breadcrumbs of curiosity.

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Everything changes the moment you believe in yourself.

When I first started as a speaker and trainer in 2011, I would spend hours preparing for every talk. I have never used notes and made sure that I had every nugget memorized at the right places. This preparation gave me confidence but also became a crutch.

Move the lens from perfection to contribution.

Self-belief is a crucial ingredient to thrive in your work, but there will be days when the self-doubt shouts louder and drowns it out completely.

Chase the feeling, not the money.

My happy place is in front of an audience or a coaching client. Or these days in front of my laptop, speaking to the tiny camera on top of my screen. When I can see a reaction on someone’s face to something I’ve said, like a penny has dropped and they have realized a new possibility, I am in my element.

Growth lies on the edges of your comfort zone.

At the end of 2019, I decided I would host a public event. This was a massive leap of faith because I only work with corporate companies, but I put the plan into motion. It was one of the scariest things for me because now I had to start calling clients, selling myself and putting myself out there.

Work is continuous evolvement.

My ideal coaching client was the version of myself three years ago. The highly anxious person, who suffered from a time scarcity mindset, was fixated on controlling every aspect of my external environment and constantly doing. Oh, and a perfectionist. I am still a recovering perfectionist, but who’s perfect!

What problem do I really solve?

My work is to help people solve the problem they don’t know that they have. You see, every client knows that they are stressed, don’t do enough on the self-care front, numb their tension through external means and feel guilty when they show up in the calendar yet resent everyone in their world when they don’t.

What is the dream job?

I have learned that a dream job is anything that provides contentment today. It is enjoying the process of becoming your ideal future self and attaining mastery on the journey.

Author. TEDx Speaker. Trainer. Coach. Mother of two. Passionate about personal growth and creating work/life harmony.