Ten Lessons From 10 Days in Quarantine.

#10. Illness is a lousy permission device.


The most important conversations are the ones you have with yourself.

I coach and train people on cultivating a resilient mindset; I found this situation quite ironic and dug into my toolkit. In challenging times, you tend to focus on the things in the external world that you cannot control. The one thing that is always within your control is your thinking.

  • How can I grow from this?
  • What values is this situation reminding me of?

A phone call goes a long way.

A birthday is always a special day for me because it is the one day you hear from the people you love. It used to be in the way of phone calls, but now you get a Facebook wall full of likes and messages. Some still feel like random strangers; well, that’s because they are.

Find the opportunity minus the self-sabotage.

I was blessed to only experience mild symptoms; however, I still needed to isolate myself from my family.

Comparative anxiety doesn’t serve anyone.

For the first two days in quarantine from my family, I truly felt guilty. It was as if I was playing Wolf and isolating for nothing. Physically my symptoms were so mild that I was wondering whether I read the results message wrong.

Self-compassion is the ultimate vaccine.

Self-compassion is the ultimate vaccine. If you get the flu shot, you can still get the flu, but the symptoms will not be as severe, and you will bounce back quicker.

Be Switzerland.

People mean well and offer advice with the best intentions. It’s like being pregnant; everyone gives you advice but with undertones that they are the experts and know best.

Let go of control.

Life has a funny way of testing us; to see if we have internalized our lessons and grown from them. I received news of a family member passing away while in quarantine and found myself moving into a space of profound helplessness. I began to blame myself and criticize myself for not supporting them when they needed me most.

Self-care is my sanity.

The more uncertainty you have in your life, the more certainty you need to bring to the situation. My morning routine is the one thing I can rely on, no matter the situation or where I am. My morning ritual allows me to begin my day in a peak state rather than be triggered by other people’s urgencies.

Gratitude is a superpower.

Gratitude is a tool you know about but somehow falls off your radar in the moments when you need it most.

Illness is a lousy permission device.

I am a true introvert, and I recharge in solitude. The time on my own allowed me to progress on a coaching certification I had enrolled in. Having hours on my own to immerse myself in the material with none of the typical day-to-day distractions and routines was a novelty.

Final thoughts.

When you go away on holiday, you need to be selective about who you invite along. This choice will make the difference between a dream holiday or a disaster.

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