How to handle that awkward space between empathy and advice.

Sometimes silence is the kindest gift you can give someone.


What does it mean to hold space?

Recently, a close friend of mine, David, faced a situation where his father was hospitalized with an illness and decided he did not want to fight. His father refused treatment and was incredibly hostile towards his son as if taking out his circumstances on him.

Expand the space.

Although I couldn’t do anything to help the situation with his father, I did have a way to expand his space. As a strategic intervention coach, my mind is constantly processing a situation on many levels.

What about the relationship to self?

How can you apply these concepts to yourself? Holding and expanding space is not only about facing tough times but something you can do in any situation.

How can you expand your space?

Entrepreneur, Tim Ferriss says that all that stands between you and what you want is a better set of questions.

Expansion is not about addition.

Expanding space is not always about adding but rather removing obsolete clutter that takes up unnecessary space.

Final thoughts.

Whether you are holding space for yourself or others, and you don’t know what to say or do, remember this:

Sometimes silence is the kindest gift you can give someone.

Reframe silence from being a place of helplessness but a comfortable place to offer genuine love, support and connection.

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