It’s still possible to finish the year strong and step into 2021 with confidence

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It has been a roller coaster of a year, you have moved though new levels…

How can you be the architect of your calendar rather than the victim of it?

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Throughout this Covid pandemic, the concept of work/life balance lies at the end of the rainbow. Just as you feel like you are about to reach it, it moves away.

It is an illusion. It was never there, even when work and life were geographically separated.

As a starting point…

Developing your people skills is not a soft skill but a life skill.


Personal branding is not something you do; it is who you are. When it comes to creating a personal brand, we tend to get obsessed with image, our Social Media profiles or how intelligent we sound.

The reality is that your brand is built in the daily interactions with people…

Lori Milner

Author. TEDx Speaker. Trainer. Coach. Mother of two. Passionate about personal growth and creating work/life harmony.

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